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It’s only a chip but

“When all’s said and done, we’re only talking about a bread chip here. Nevertheless, if I see someone enjoying my product, I feel proud. Especially as I know it’s a good choice and other chips are a bit less healthy. And I do have a (modest) dream. That one day soon, all retailers with whom we do business will have a special section on one of their aisles with all the products (not just ours) that people can be confident are better for them than products outside that section. Less fat, less additives, less colourings, whatever.”

The future

And Johan is optimistic about the future. “Consumers have been crying out for some time now, not just for healthier products but for more transparency and… honesty from food manufacturers. And slowly but surely, I do see changes. If Say Yes can make even a small contribution to that, then up here in Friesland you’ll find some very happy bakers.”