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Say Yes? That’s a weird name…

Yes, we know. But we wanted a name that said something about what our product is: bread chips are a snack that you can say yes to. They are all natural. Nothing more, but also nothing less. Because it doesn’t contain all those things you probably would rather say no to. And we believe people have basically had enough of slippery marketing claims and empty advertising promises.

Sounds tasty, but what’s in them?

While we’d never call them light, being made out of bread and toasted rather than fried, Say Yes are less fatty than potato chips. Only natural ingredients are used, so unlike most snacks they have no artificial flavours, unappetizing additives such as MSG, or unnatural colouring.

So instead of that ‘moreish’ feeling you get with traditional potato chips, where you end up grazing through huge piles of chips without ever feeling satisfied, when you eat Say Yes bread chips you actually start to feel full. Which is only natural, after all.

Busy? Lazy? Slow reader? Here you go: the quick version

NO, not a health food or going to make your dreams come true.

YES less unhealthy, less fatty and more honest. Say Yes. Natural as bread, tasty as chips.

3 great flavours. Nothing more.